Costa Clinical Psychology, LLC 

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Teresa I. Costa, PsyD

Dr. Teresa I. Costa received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2008 specializing in the Ecosystemic Child under Dr. Kevin O'Connor, one of the founders of the Association for Play Therapy. She began working with children in 1986 in a preschool setting as she worked towards her Bachelor of Arts in Child Development. She then joined the University of Oregon campus where she completed her Masters in Early Childhood Special Education. After a number of years as a regional autism specialist she joined the civilian workforce of the United States Air Force as a Director of several Child Development Centers in Montana and California. Through the following years she gained experience with youth and adults involved in the criminal justice system, providing psychological services in a school devoted to children with special education needs and working with families helping them learn to advocate for their children's educational rights.
     She and her husband are both Veterans so helping the local Veteran population is also a passion. In November of 2015 Dr. Costa received specialized training in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) from the Veterans Administration. CPT is a proven treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Spence Russell, Psychology Practicum Student 

Introducing Douglas (Spence) Russell. Mr. Russell is a PhD Candidate with Walden University, has completed his coursework and is beginning his practicum and internships here at Costa Clinical Psychology, LLC.  His dissertation research has been devoted to children on the Autism Spectrum. He will be supervised directly by Dr. Teresa I. Costa and is ready to start working with all adults and adolescents, (eventually young children), couples and the elderly. Dr. Costa sits in on the intake and then monitors progress via written clinical notes and case discussion. Mr. Russell has a varied history bringing a great deal of life experience to his practice including being a professor of chemistry for nursing students, US National Guard and Air Force Civil Air Patrol, deputy sheriff, civilian pilot, and father of his large family. In addition he is an Ordained Christian Minister and can incorporate your faith into your healing journey if you wish. Mr. Russell will be with us for several years as he earns his 3000 hours required for licensure. 

Cory Sullins, Registered Psychologist
Mr. Sullins is attending Walden University's College of Social and Behavioral Sciences where he is earning a PhD in Psychology Professional Services. He has  completed his coursework, curriculum, and upon completion of field work will become licensed.  He is interested in working with a variety of individuals that include adults, adolescents, couples, group, and the elderly.  He is currently in his final year of training.